Hello world!

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Yes, I start blogging. Finally! :tada: I had that idea in my mind for a couple of years already. I wanted to have a blog for many reasons. There’s a bunch of stuff I’ve got to share and talk about. Unfortunately, some of them are forgotten already or I moved on. Some of them I will share if I won’t be very lazy. I wanted to keep things I encounter in one place to come back over time. I wanted to teach and inspire others or, which is more important, to learn and get that inspiration myself. I want to become a better writer :bowtie: to express and deliver my thoughts more easier than it takes at the moment (do you hear that cracking sound?)

I should probably tell you about myself before digging into all the things! My name’s Alex and I’m a Software Engineer :clap: I focused on server-side, back-end and database development. Have strong experience in creating scalable, distributed, fail-safe and high-load services and applications. :scream_cat: What a set of such loud buzzword?! Love it :laughing: I have strong background in .NET but moved to Scala some time ago. But I still love .NET. I think so. Probably. It’s enough so far.

And the journey begins…


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